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Upholstery Classes

The evening classes run for 5 weeks, and cost £65,00. 

Classes start at 18.30 and finish at 21.00.

All skill sets are catered for, from the complete novice to the competent amateur and beyond. The methods taught are traditional upholstery the same as have been practised since the 18th century, using the same tools and upholstery materials as have been used down the years. The ideal first project would be a sprung Victorian dining chair, as this gives you all the skills required to put in a traditionally upholstered seat and should be completed within the 5-week period.  

There are also going to be a Saturday “taster” class of 6 and a half hours, with 30 mins for lunch which is provided, where the student will be given all the component parts of a footstool and over the 6 and a half hours will be shown all the skills and techniques to make the footstool, and at the end of the class take the stool home. This will cost £100.00 and this includes the cost of lunch and the stool.

In the very near future I will be setting up 5 day courses of traditional upholstery where the student can either bring their own pieces or I can sell them a piece that they can upholster and take home. These classes will last for 3 hours per day from 9 am to 12 mid-dayand will cost £85.00.

All classes need a minimum of 6 students to run.

We can also offer gift vouchers for classes as a great Birthday or Xmas gift.   

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